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Dev Diary #13 - Tutorial


Last week we opened up the platform for anyone to try out but a lot of you had trouble getting started. So we have built a little tutorial that should help you generate your first dataset and actually get to see some synthetic data. We have also finished the backend work to allow for publishing datasets and we are working on "" right now!

Dataset Designer

The biggest issue facing most new users was getting past the Dataset Desginer. This is a big complicated page that has a ton of advanced options and it can be very overwhelming at first. So we have made a few changes to make it easier to use:

  • Removed the overcomplicated knowledge graph and replaced it with keyphrase editing.
  • You now have to opt-in to advanced schema editing.
  • Re-ordered the page to make it more intuitive.

Advanced schema editing

Advanced Schema editing with variables

Simple schema editing

Simple Schemas

We hope these changes make it easier to use but we know there is still a lot of work to do.


We also added a tutorial that bypasses the page entirely to get you started when you first sign-up for Glaive. The tutorial will walk you through the process of creating a dataset with limited options, so that when you do get to the Dataset Designer you will have a better idea of what you are doing.

A much simpler dataset designer

Public Datasets

Another issue we noticed is that people can't view the types of datasets that Glaive can generate without signing up and then generating their own. So we are working on "" which will allow you to see published datasets and explore them without signing up.


  • Added a tutorial for new users to help them get started.
  • Removed knowledge graph and replaced it with keyphrase editing.
  • Hid advanced schema editing behind a setting.
  • Templates that have been coming soon for 5 months are no longer visible.
  • Versions can now be renamed.
  • Loading versions should be 45% faster now thanks to some advanced caching techniques.