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Dev Diary # 5- Versions and Edits!

There was no Dev Diary last week because we were doing a lot of behind the scenes work, but we are back this week with a lot of new features and improvements.

Dev Diary #3 - Building Schemas to Control Your Datasets

Last week we showed off how we are going to let you design the perfect dataset for your use-case using the idea of a schema to describe what your generated data should look like. This week we talk about the schema builder, get into how these schemas will help make better datasets, and how we are thinking about complexity in datasets.

Dev Diary #2 - Designing Synthetic Datasets

The number one thing we hear from people is that they want more control over their datasets and models. Last week we gave some insight into what your data your model 'knows', but this week the focus is on controlling the process of generating that synthetic knowledge.

Dev Diary #1 - Welcome to Glaive!

Welcome to the inaugural Glaive Dev Diary! We are aiming to put these out weekly to give you a sense of what we accompished in the past week and what is coming up next.

Announcing our $3.5M seed round

Today, we are excited to announce that Glaive has raised a $3.5M seed round to move towards our goal of democratizing access to AI by enabling the use of small, use-case specific language models trained on synthetic data.