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Dev Diary #8 - Spring Cleaning


This week we completed a major reorganization & refactor of our backend, which will enable us to build faster going forward. We also added the ability to search + filter on datasets within the dataset explorer.

Advanced Exploring

We've added some key features to our dataset explorer, which should allow you to efficiently navigate and assess your datasets without needing to export and parse the data yourself.

New features:

  • Search: Full-text search with highlighting.
  • Filters: Filter rows by equality, inclusion, length, or regular expression matches.

When clustering is integrated into our UI next week, we expect that these tools will work together for even more control and insight into a dataset.

Backend Refactor

As the product begins to solidify and the feature set grows more complex our backend desperately needed a large structural overhaul. We got this done this week, which should allow our team to move more quickly as we continue to iterate and expand on the platform. Before this we just had a single glaive.go file that was a getting a bit long.


  • Major backend reorganization
  • Datasets can be searched & filtered from explorer
  • Tables now display larger text blocks with top-alignment
  • Added error pages to the dataset explorer
  • Table column widths are now correct
  • Fixed a bug which prevented input highlights from displaying properly