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Announcing our $3.5M seed round


Today, we are excited to announce that Glaive has raised a $3.5M seed round to move towards our goal of democratizing access to AI by enabling the use of small, use-case specific language models trained on synthetic data.

This round is led by Spark Capital with participation from Village Global and Amjad Masad (CEO of Replit).

Why Glaive?

Helping companies get models into prod for the past 2 years we saw some interesting patterns emerge about what people deploy. Most AI applications right now are built on top of LLM APIs, given their ability to generalise. However, to drive widespread adoption of AI, we believe that models need to be commoditised similar to how software is commoditised right now by providing specialist language models, which are consistent and reliable while also being cheaper and faster than general purpose LLMs.

The biggest blocker to having specialist models today is high quality use-case specific data, and this is what we aim to solve with Glaive by enabling the creation of high-quality synthetic datasets for virtually any task with our platform.